Beckers Mood x Midnatt

For this inviting dining room, Beckers has let the colors Dalagård 840 and Klipphäll 575 run like a connecting thread through the walls, textiles, and interior details. Midnatt’s tablecloth is in the color Soda, and napkins in the same lovely color dress the table. The smooth walls are painted with Mood Air Wall, and the panels are painted with Mood Professional Finish.

Remember that colors often enhance each other, mix stronger accents with softer shades in the same scale, and color magic occurs.

When the Swedish paint brand Beckers asked if we wanted to contribute with our home textiles for 3 inspirational environments, painted in their Mood product series, we happily answered yes! Oh, and of course, we also wanted to answer some questions on our favorite topic – Color philosophy for a cozy home.

Different materials that enhance expression and create synergies in a room were the starting point when stylist Sasa Antic and photographer Stellan Herner made autumn inspiration with Midnatt’s tone-setting home textiles and Becker’s sober color chart.

How would you describe Midnatt’s color philosophy?

We love color and are passionate about encouraging more people to dare more. Our palette consists of solid but kind colors; they are accents that should be easy to mix with other colors. Remember that colors often enhance each other, incorporate stronger accents with softer shades in the same scale, and color magic occurs.

Midnatt has a range with a beautiful palette. What do you think about color choices?

We get a lot of inspiration from the fashion industry and try to pick up trends and adapt them to the home environment. For us, it’s often about softening up trendy accents.

What mood do you want to create at home this autumn? What colors does it require?

British interiors inspire us at the moment. Variegated and a little eccentric but always cozy. Blue, terracotta, and vanilla set this autumn’s color scheme. 

Many people want but don’t dare color in the home. So how can you take the first step?

Bed linen, cushions, and tablecloths are the perfect getaway for those who want to dare more color at home, then take on the walls. Once you are there, you will consider painting the ceiling and the carpentry. And then you’ll find yourself drooling over colorful furniture! Choose a color palette for each room. Then make color choices and purchases based on them.

What is the most crucial thing when creating a pleasant atmosphere in a home?

Our most important ingredient for an atmospheric home is soft furniture, lots of textiles, lit candles, and beautiful eye-catchers. But, unfortunately, clean and tidy is also on the list …

Sober and beautiful colors that go tone on tone create a calm and pleasant feeling – precisely the kind of atmosphere you want in the bedroom. Here, Beckers has used cool blue shades where the wall colors Vårljus 822, Himlavalv 746, and Himmelsblå 742 match Midnatts sheets in color Lake.

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