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Monochrome Harmonie oder dynamischer Mix. Unsere Produkte passen immer. 


Emma Johansson

Emma is a master at mixing prints and colors in bold ways, and her home is a constant inspiration. We find out she’s not that into beauty, but very much into personal development. Oh, and we find a bunch of zombie rabbits with a message in there as well.

100 % organic cotton

100 % organic cotton

All our products are made of GOTS-certified cotton.

International shipping

International shipping

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Home delivery

Home delivery

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Bettwäsche für die ganze Familie

Mit unserem Sortiment für Babybetten und Kinderbetten kannst du die Bettwäsche von deinen Kindern und dir selbst aufeinander abstimmen. Die Midnatt-Mini-Bezugsets und -Bettlaken aus kuschelig weicher Biobaumwolle sind ab 20 EUR erhältlich.

Welche Gröeße?

Wusstest du, dass die meisten europäischen Länder unterschiedliche Größen für ihre Bett- und Kissenbezüge haben? Weitere Infos findest du in unserem Größenratgeber.

Aktuelles aus unserem Journal

Unser Journal ist gefüllt mit inspirierenden Hausbesuch-Reportagen, leckeren Frühstücksideen und spannenden Informationen zu unserem Lieblingsthema Schlaf.

Midnatt styled by Emelie Sundberg

We love to see our bedding in its right habitat, and we always aim to create true inspiration and honest content. What could be more honest than a campaign in a real home…

Marion Ringborg

Marion Ringborg is one of the talented chefs behind the trending restaurant Garba, previously known as a loved pop-up concept run by female chefs only…

Josefine Halfwordson

Sunflower seeds are planted, the floor is painted pink, and the shelf systems revolutionize an industry! In the house of Josefine Halfwordson…

Emma Johansson

We visit Emma Johansson, the writer, photographer and influencer behind Instagram account @whatdecoratesmyday. Emma is a master at mixing prints and colors in bold ways, and her home is a constant inspiration.

A limited collection

We are happy to finally introduce our fall special collection. It includes three new colors, a cobalt blue, a soft apricot and a soothing beige.

Rachel Bodros Wolgers

Nestled between apartment buildings in central Stockholm, you can find small 18th-century wooden houses with gardens; we call them Kulturhus (culture houses). Film producer Rachel Bodros Wolgers just moved back to her childhood home with her own family, and we got to visit.

Michelle Meadows

When we got a summer breakfast invitation to Michelle Meadows beloved allotment right outside Stockholm, we did not hesitate a second to accept.

On set with Aster & Lake

Midnatt’s ss21 color drop arrived with the first days of Swedish summer, and we couldn’t be more excited! Meet – Aster & Lake.