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Monochrome Harmonie oder dynamischer Mix. Unsere Produkte passen immer. 

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It’s party season! We think that our tablecloths are just the right festivity detail as well as the perfect gift! To convince you, we added an extra treat for you. Here’s the deal! Shop for 600 SEK/60 EUR from our tabletop collection, and you’ll receive this poster in 50×70 cm (value 599 SEK/59 EUR) from Wall of Art. Just use code wallofart at checkout, and we will send you the poster.

„For the love of good people, great conversation, lovely food and beautiful settings.“ 

Entdecke unsere neuen Tischdecken und Servietten. Wie alle unsere Erzeugnisse sind auch die Produkte der Tischwäschekollektion aus 100 Prozent Biobaumwolle gefertigt.


Linnea Neppelberg

When virtual hanging out with our art directing friend Linnea Paulsson Neppelberg, her husband Erik and their kids we figured that their all or nothing, dance/ stop – mentality probably is the key to approaching what one might call a balanced family life.

100 % Biobaumwolle

100 % Biobaumwolle

Sämtliche Produkte von Midnatt sind aus GOTS-zertifizierter Baumwolle gefertigt.

Internationaler Versand

Internationaler Versand

Hier findest du eine Liste aller Länder, in die wir liefern.

Lieferung nach Hause

Lieferung nach Hause

Die Lieferung nach Hause ist immer eine Option, triff an der Kasse die entsprechende Wahl.

Bettwäsche für die ganze Familie

Mit unserem Sortiment für Babybetten und Kinderbetten kannst du die Bettwäsche von deinen Kindern und dir selbst aufeinander abstimmen. Die Midnatt-Mini-Bezugsets und -Bettlaken aus kuschelig weicher Biobaumwolle sind ab 20 EUR erhältlich.

Welche Gröeße?

Wusstest du, dass die meisten europäischen Länder unterschiedliche Größen für ihre Bett- und Kissenbezüge haben? Weitere Infos findest du in unserem Größenratgeber.

Aktuelles aus unserem Journal

Unser Journal ist gefüllt mit inspirierenden Hausbesuch-Reportagen, leckeren Frühstücksideen und spannenden Informationen zu unserem Lieblingsthema Schlaf.

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Shop for 600 SEK/60 EUR and get poster Feast from Wall of Art as a gift. Just use code wallofart at checkout, and we will send you the poster.

Linnea Paulsson Neppelberg

Art Director Linnea Paulsson Neppelberg recently packed her Stockholm life and her family in a gigantic suitcase and moved back south. We asked her to show us what everyday life around the kids looks like now.

Anna Fogelberg

This weekend, we’re having multiple breakfasts and lifey thoughts with Anna Fogelberg, founder of the world’s prettiest hair saloon – Paloma Dolores.

Our 2021 Christmas card collaboration

We are so proud to present this years Christmas card illustrator; Marta Leyva.

 It is a fond tradition for us to collaborate with a new artist every year and create a special treat for our customers.

A limited collection

We are happy to finally introduce our fall special collection. It includes three new colors, a cobalt blue, a soft apricot and a soothing beige.

Emma Johansson

We visit Emma Johansson, the writer, photographer and influencer behind Instagram account @whatdecoratesmyday. Emma is a master at mixing prints and colors in bold ways, and her home is a constant inspiration.

Rachel Bodros Wolgers

Nestled between apartment buildings in central Stockholm, you can find small 18th-century wooden houses with gardens; we call them Kulturhus (culture houses). Film producer Rachel Bodros Wolgers just moved back to her childhood home with her own family, and we got to visit.

Michelle Meadows

When we got a summer breakfast invitation to Michelle Meadows beloved allotment right outside Stockholm, we did not hesitate a second to accept.