Johanna Pihl

With the sun dancing around our ankles, we had the pleasure of having breakfast at artist Johanna Pihl’s place. With hot coffee in our hands and Neil Young in our ears, we chatted about far away lion walks, c r a z y good energies, and the art of catching the end of our dreams.

Molly Nord

We visit Betiyon founder Molly Nord. Everything about Molly, her home, and our visit felt as natural and kind as the caring oils she makes. But also as affirming and effortlessly cool as only certain homes and personalities manage to exude.

Alva Herdevall & Anders Rydell

The author duo Alva Herdevall and Anders Rydell took a detour via the archipelago life they thought they wanted before finding their place to breathe in a cultural landscape outside Uppsala.

Charlotta Skog

Architect Charlotta Skog built her dream house at the top of Edsviken in the suburb of Stockholm. We stopped by to chat about Patti Smith nightmares, garden deers, unfinished contouring skills and new beginnings. 

Asabea Britton

Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up as viral midwife Asabea Britton? Well, there is no need, as she just let us peek through the door of her baby blue bedroom!

Linnéa Salmén

Calling Linnéa Salmén a fashion-forward interior stylist is not enough. The words „Genius“ and „Artist“ must also be in the description. A few weeks back, we visited her studio home and obviously never wanted to leave.

Kakan Hermansson

No one owns the ground she walks on, like Kakan Hermansson. So for her to invite us to her country house in Sörmland has been a dream since we first heard about it.

Magda Marnell

Nighttime kombucha cravings, natural facelifts Hollywood style, and cottagecore family life within a legacy of 300 years. This weekend we are visiting the stunning country house of fashion Designer Magda Marnell.

Brita Zackari

Fashionable events attack her calendar, and wild boar cubs invade her backyard. TV profile, blogger, and podcaster Brita Zackari is one of few (read: the only one?) who shoulders the role of the city’s sharpest cool girl – and the countryside’s most handy farmer at the same time.

Angelica Svanström

Mediterranean lover and master mood creator Angelica Svanström invited us over for breakfast in the self-realized limestone palace of hers.

Emelie Sundberg

Photographer, stylist and podcaster Emelie Sundberg might not be a morning person, but she sure knows how to create a cozy vibe.

Emma Johansson

We visit Emma Johansson, the writer, photographer and influencer behind Instagram account @whatdecoratesmyday. Emma is a master at mixing prints and colors in bold ways, and her home is a constant inspiration.

Rachel Bodros Wolgers

Nestled between apartment buildings in central Stockholm, you can find small 18th-century wooden houses with gardens; we call them Kulturhus (culture houses). Film producer Rachel Bodros Wolgers just moved back to her childhood home with her own family, and we got to visit.

Josefine Halfwordson

Sunflower seeds are planted, the floor is painted pink, and the shelf systems revolutionize an industry! In the house of Josefine Halfwordson…

Mimmi Staaf

We got to know Mimmi Staaf years ago when she ran her own interior store and upholstery shop in Midsommarkransen. Recently she, her husband Joakim, and their son […]

Siri Carlén

Drawing keeps her up during the nights, and if she doesn’t collapse early, she solves climbing problems in her mind to fall asleep. This year, artist Siri Carlén […]

Linda Ring

Thanks to artisanal bread artist Linda Ring we’ve just realized that bread can be so much more than just… breakfast. It can be a piece of art, something you can…

Emma Elwin

Emma Elwin is the Swedish stylist who has become the face of sustainable fashion and lifestyle in Scandinavia. Thanks to her blog and platform Make it last she […]

Nina Oja

The visual mastermind Nina Oja wakes up to Beatles’ Blackbird and goes to sleep late. In between, she art directs the Swedish ELLE titles as an award-winning…

Marina Peterson

Former Midnatt co-worker Marina Peterson is a real treasure hunter. With a tremendous talent to find the perfect objects she turned her small nook south of Stockholm into a…

Sebastian Bergström

Stepping into stylist Sebastian Bergström’s morning macrocosm means: listening to French playlists, drinking coffee from a ”cafetière” and reading about…

Maja Säfström

Architect-went-full-time-illustrator Maja Säfström and her partner Daniel Widman live with their two kids in an old falu-red apartment building in…

Jonna Dagliden

Freelance journalist and lifestyle editor Jonna Dagliden Hunt and her photographer husband Christopher are two parts of the foursome behind the newly established eyewear brand…

Anna Axelsson

The owner of Stockholm’s most trend-setting breakfast spot has cookbooks on her nightstand, feels spoiled when she gets a chance to lie in and starts the day with…

Emilia Ilke

Artist Emilia Ilke sleeps in black. If she’s not too inspired to fall asleep, that is. A state of mind that can only be cured by playing Dr. Mario inside her own head…

Karin Eriksson

Late night swims, facial yoga, swiss rolls and grandpa’s hotel brekkie. We were lucky enough to invite ourselves over to the idyllic cabin by…

Fanny Ekstrand

Podcaster, blogger and bag designer Fanny Ekstrand sure knows how to make a fashion statement. Her bedroom is not an exception. Open windows and total darkness make her […]

Nina Kullberg

Skilled designer and self-proclaimed anglophile Nina Kullberg has pure elegance running through her veins. The handcrafted cushions and fine wool throws that she makes are…

Lisa Wikander

French poets, silky blouses and tailored wool. Add some Scandinavian simplicity, et voilá: you have Lisa Wikander and her fashion label Mes Dames. In between finishing her new […]

Elsa Kugelberg

She’s the speechwriter of Swedish politician Birgitta Ohlsson and expert on foreign affairs. Political writer Elsa Kugelberg sleeps on a bed of nails while practicing German and listening to […]

Jonna Flordal

On her nightstand: a book she doesn’t get to read. And her version of counting sheep? Swedish national radio P1. Architect Jonna Flordal and her husband Nisse live […]

Katarina Matsson

ELLE Sweden’s Content Director, Katarina Matsson, is a bad sleeper. Despite that she is quick in the morning. And if the sun is shining, so is she. She lives in…

Tara Moshizi

Cheese and animal loving journalist and tv profile Tara Moshizi shares her bed with school counselor David Hellberg. And Pixel the cat. They live in a 20th century […]