Spiritual guide to better sleep – Part III


In the third part of our spiritual guide, we take part in yin yoga instructor, Reiki healer, and our friend Rosanna Irgensdotter’s thoughts on accessible everyday meditations.

”First of all, I want to redefine the word meditation. I think many people have preconceptions about what it means and requires. For me, meditating is about quieting, to close your eyes for a moment and follow your breath. It’s easy and accessible to everyone.

I use water in my meditations in different ways. Either through a warm bath, preferably with bath salts, where I close my eyes and listen to my breathing. In the same way, you can lie in bed before you fall asleep and just follow your breathing, or listen to a guided meditation just before going to bed. If it feels okay for you to sit up, you can have a pillow under the seat so your back is kept naturally straight and rest your hands on something soft in the knee. Let the chin fall slightly against your chest and follow your breathing.

In my mind, I usually imagine a waterfall that flushes through my body, on the outside and inside. The water transport old ”junk”, that gets stuck during the day, and rinses it away.”

”You can meditate in the morning to get ready for the day, just like brushing your teeth. By checking through the body and perhaps setting a few intentions for the day, you are charging yourself and creating something to fall back on if you face challenges. You also create a greater presence by starting with intentions during the day.

”You are charging yourself and creating something to fall back on if you face challenges.”

To sum up, meditation is about contact and also about acceptance and letting everything be as it is. So the challenge lies in daring to stay, in whatever may come up. And the more we practice, the easier it will be to not keep up with the mind’s quick turns.”

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Words by Antonia af Petersens

Photo by Josephine Blix

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