A piece of art

With shapes and crafts in full bloom inside their minds, and in their hands, our artist friend Josefin Tolstoy and photographer Åsa Liffner have created a fantastic campaign. Like true art pieces, every picture speaks for itself. We are obsessed with the color scheme they selected to showcase in this summary campaign. Please find all the images below and enjoy a little chat with the women behind them.

Thank you for this beautiful and arty campaign, what inspired the mood? 

J:  I would say the mood was inspired by the creative world of interiors and crafts that seem to be in full bloom.

Å: Josefin is a talented Art director, so she came up with  a creative idea, which I interpreted. I think we both had spring/summer on our minds, along with her decorated items.

We can tell that you like to work together, how did you find each other?

J: Åsa is actually one of those people who turned from an Instagram friend/college to a real-life friend/college. 

Å: A couple of years ago, I reached out to Josefin when looking for a set stylist for an assignment for a company called Nola. I wrote to her on Instagram, and I’m so thankful I did. She’s a great person to work with and hang out with.

Art Director, graphic designer, stylist and artist. What a multi-faceted talent you are Josefin. How do you put your many talents to use in a job like this?

I think it all seems a bit more than it is. To me, it is really one thing, my urge to create and see things take shape in different formats; this is my starting point in all my work.  As Midnatt is a brand close to my heart I liked the idea to include a piece of my art, a mural painting as the backdrop of one of the bedrooms. And I also like to make „one of props“ for photoshoots to create a more personal feeling. To me, both as a designer and an artist, colors are probably my most significant tool, so it was also important to me to find a soothing and contemporary look for Midnatt’s collection.

You succeeded, we love the feeling in these images.  We couldn’t help but notice that the blue tablecloth Josefin is part of the shoot, it’s fun because it’s of course named after you. We don’t know anyone who loves blue as much as you do. As the creator of the Midnatt logotype, you’ve been with us from the start; how has your own relationship with Midnatt influenced the images you created?

Yes, I am so very happy that the logotype is still in use and alive, just like we planned together when Midnatt was born, to make something that was not just on trend – but sustainable over time. Thinking about Midnatt as a brand gives me the vibe of personality and warmth. This was probably the major feeling I wanted the images to have. I also think of Midnatt as playful and creative, so I also wanted to include that in this work.

Åsa, as a photographer, your subjects range from products to people and restaurant interiors, what’s the most exciting job you’ve done lately?

My main areas are portraying spaces and materials. Since I shot the restaurant Studio Frantzén before opening the doors at Harrods for my client, the interior architects Joyn Studio, I ’ve done more and more interior architecture photography.  It combines my interest in spatiality with materials in objects. Recently, I shot the newly renovated office of BCG Sweden for the interior architect  Anderwald Studio, which was later nominated for ¨Guldstolen¨.

How will you spend the summer of 2024?

J:  In Sweden, in a relaxed mood. We always go to Värmland for a couple of weeks, and hopefully, there will be some more tours around Sweden. 

Å: This summer’s going to be a mix of lazy days in the archipelago of Småland, going to several concerts, and maybe doing a home exchange. It’s my favorite thing.

Will any special chosen Midnatt products be joining your adventures?

Å: Most definitely the bath sheets. Love the Rubra!

J: The bath sheets. I absolutely love these. But also bedlinen. I am unfortunately not the person who brings tablecloths and napkins when I travel – I sure wish I was – because it always looks so dreamy. I will blame the fact that 3 children and one dog do not leave much room for that.

Josefin Tolstoy

Age: 46

Lives: Uppsala

Do: Art Director and artist 

Åsa Liffner

Age: 48

Lives: Gustavsberg/Stockholm

Do: Photographer

Photo by Åsa Liffner

Styling by Josefin Tolstoy

Text by Josephine Blix

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