Top three alarm signals

„...waking up
to gentle tones
of soothing
melodies and
bird song“

We can all agree on the benefits of starting the day in a good way and the alarm signal surely plays an important role in this. Thankfully, the days when we zapped around iPhone’s classic alarm options just before bedtime, desperately seeking something else than hysterical, high-pitched jingles and loud honks, belongs to the past. Since the Bedtime feature in the Clock-app entered our lives, we’re waking up to gentle tones of soothing melodies and bird song.

If you haven’t already discovered this function, we recommend you to look it up. You find the ”Bedtime”-tab in the footer menu inside your clock app. You can set a bedtime and wake-up time for yourself. At bedtime, your phone reminds you of it (based on your preferred hours of sleep). If you tend to not remember to set an alarm, you can choose which days of the week you want it to go off, beforehand. The Bedtime section also tracks your sleep and offers various data about the quality of your sleep.

However, if you’re just looking for harmonious alarm signals, we present to you our top three favorites: Early RiserDroplets and Sunny.

Words by Antonia af Petersens